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Hinder - Take It To The Limit (2008-11-04)
1. Use Me
2. Thing for You
3. Heaven Sent You
4. Loaded and Alone
5. Last Kiss Goodbye
6. The Best is Yet to Come
7. Without You
8. Far From Home
9. Lost in the Sun
10. Take it to the Limit
11. Up All Night

9 out of 10

Hinder’s 2nd album, “Take It To The Limit” was just released on 11/4/08 !!! Their 1st album, “Extreme Behavior” went 3X Platinum !!! This album will be even more successful as the songs are twice as awesome !!!

“Take It to The Limit” is the #1 Rock Record on iTunes and ranked #2 overall album in the music store after only 1 day of being released !!!

Hinder’s 1st single, “Use Me”, off their new album, “Take It To The Limit”, isn’t just a song about a wild and sexy girl, it is Rock & Roll in its truest form!

This is one album that is a must have for Hinder fans !!! & the song “Take It To The Limit” had a little help from Mick Mars of Motley Crue !!! Matter of fact, after Hinder gets done headlining the Fall 2008 Jagermeister Tour, they are slated to open a tour with Motley Crue starting in March 2009 !!!

Hinder introduced the world to extreme behavior in 2005 and are now going to take us to the limit in 2008! Rock & Roll in its truest form is back! Hinder is everything that Rock & Roll is about! It is reflected not only in their songs, their staggering album sales, multi-platinum status in the music industry and non-stop touring of sold-out concerts, but most importantly, it is shown by their enormous fan base in America and internationally, which grows bigger and stronger everyday!

True fans and die-hard listeners of Rock & Roll finally have a band that delivers killer songs and stellar performances! It isn’t grunge rock or alternative rock or even pop rock, it is “real” Rock & Roll! It will shake your bones, zap your ears and send your blood rushing though your veins! It is Hinder!


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