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2007-10-20 - Philadelphia, PA - The Fillmore @ the TLA - Puddle Of Mudd & Saliva

On Saturday 10/20/07, Puddle Of Mudd & Saliva rocked the historic TLA on South Street in Philadephia, PA! Saliva ripped through a great set including, “Your Disease”, “Always” and “Ladies And Gentlemen” from their latest album, Blood Stained Love Story. Despite not feeling well, Josey Scott, lead singer of Saliva gave me a 30 minute interview on the tour bus prior to the concert. Here are some of the highlights. MD: How’s it been being on tour with Puddle Of Mudd? JS: Real good, we’re like family, they’re real sweet guys. MD: After all these years of touring, what is the best part? JS: The fan’s reaction is always my favorite. MD: Is there a worst part of being on tour? JS: Being away from family is really trying after a while. MD: Saliva is dropping off the tour in late November, as Puddle Of Mudd finishes out a few more shows, are you guys going back into the studio to record another album or just take a little break to recharge your batteries? JS: We’re going to take off for the holidays to spend time with our kids and come back around mid-January, jump in the studio and hopefully have our 6th album out in May 2008. We already wrote it on the road, and just have to record it. It’s going to be called, MONSTAR. MD: Tonight you are playing here at the Fillmore in Philly and you will also be playing at the Fillmore in New York. Do you prefer playing smaller more intimate venues or larger arenas? JS: I like playing both for different reasons. I like the smaller venues for the intimacy, but I like playing the larger venues so we can put on a big production. MD: What would you be doing as a profession if you weren’t a musician? JS: That’s a good question. I’d probably be a doctor, doing something to help other people. MD: Do you have any future plans after you are done being a rockstar? JS: Yeah, several things. I want to do some more movies and some more acting as I was in “Wanted” on T.V. and the movie, “Hustle and Flow”. Right now I’m putting together my own clothing line called “Angels In Outlaws”. I’m also putting together a reality show for blue collar woman called, “Almost Perfect”, and we get these women nose jobs or minor plastic surgery that they can’t afford, to help make them perfect. MD: That’s really cool of you. JS: I think that’s what I’ve realized I’m here to do. Try to touch people’s lives, it’s all about bridging the gap between your heart and mine, whether it’s a reality show or music or a clothing line. Puddle Of Mudd closed the show, playing hits like, “Control”, “Drift & Die”, “Blurry” and “Famous” off their new album, Famous. Between the two bands, they packed the TLA and shook the walls! Recently, smaller venues across the U.S. have been renamed, The Fillmore, in honor of legendary music promoter, Bill Graham. Graham’s original, Fillmore San Francisco, has a rich history of supporting local artists. In the 60s, the venue and Graham, nurtured the development of many local artists including Grateful Dead, Santana, and Jefferson Airplane. The Fillmore exposed these soon-to-be superstars to thousands of San Francisco music fans, providing the bands with a community venue that played an integral role in launching their careers. That is the hope behind renaming more Fillmore venues. There are now 5 Fillmore’s; Fillmore at the TLA in Philadelphia, Fillmore at Irving Plaza in New York, Fillmore at the Detroit State Theatre, Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium and the original Fillmore in San Francisco. It's fitting that Pennsylvania native son, Todd Rundgren, opened The Fillmore Philadelphia on 4/27/07. The Theatre of Living Arts, a South Street institution for nearly 20 years, has been everything from a late night cinema to Counter Culture reparatory theater to, most recently, an acclaimed live music venue. Known to Philadelphians as the TLA, the venue has been a catalyst in the careers of many artists including Chris Cornell, Dave Matthews Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Jane's Addiction, Justin Timberlake, Radiohead, Nickelback, Norah Jones and John Mayer to name just a few.


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